Warm Hearted Workman Adopts Neglected Puppy In Need

  • Whether you’re rescuing a newborn pup from the streets or adopting a scruffy old timer from the pound, this story proves that it’s never too late to reach out and help change the life of a dog in need. This heart-warming story is the perfect example of just how much difference you can make to the life of a homeless pooch.

    It all started at a wood flooring factory where our anonymous saviour was working in a seemingly empty wing…

    He recalls his initial meeting with the pup, saying “One day I was staining some custom furniture for my boss’s getaway Florida home when I looked at the other end of the hangar length building to see a little puppy. I instantly wanted to abandon post and grab the thing for cuddles but I had work to get done. This pup wasn’t having none of that though. He walked up to me and stared at me with his huge eyes. I pet him and noticed instantly that he was flea covered, matted and not in the best physical shape. As I looked closer I realized that he had a lot of grey around his muzzle, ears and face.”

    As we all know, it’s near impossible to resist the adorable eyes of a puppy, especially one that needs your help! Our rescuer was definitely not immune and soon started to feed the pup bits of his chicken sandwich as the poor animal was so thin that he could feel its bones. After a few days, negotiations began to bring to make the starving puppy a part of the family.

    “I started sending these pictures to my wife planning on pleading to bring him home. I didn’t have to because she beat me to the punch” he said.

    toothless at work

    Just one of the many photos that convinced the workman’s wife this pup needed a new home. Photo credit: Imgur

    After a thorough look over from the vet, it turned out that the pup was suffering from a multitude of health conditions including fleas, malnutrition, stomach ulcers, rotting teeth, partial blindness and deafness.

    However, after extensive surgery, a strict medical routine and months of being spoilt rotten by a loving family, the puppy finally got the love and attention he deserved.

    toothless at home

    Toothless quickly won himself status as an honorary family member. Photo credit: Imgur

    Tragically, it was not enough to keep him alive and after one year of unconditional love, Toothless passed away in the arms of his family.

    Toothless truly touched the hearts of his new found pack, the heartbroken workman recalling “Finally, on June 2, 2014, I watched the greatest friend, most loving pet and the most heroic fighter I’ve ever met sink into a well deserved final nap while his mother and I held his paws.”

    toothless napping

    Toothless just loved to nap. Photo credit: Imgur

    “I never thought I could love a pet as much as I loved him; as much as we loved him. Everyone who met him instantly loved him. His vets, our friends, a theater full of patrons when he performed a walk-on role in a play. He truly was one of a kind. We hope that we gave him enough good memories to wipe out any bad ones that came before.”

    toothless getting spoilt

    This pooch sure got the royal treatment. Photo credit: Imgur

    We simply can’t salute this family enough for their dedication to nursing Toothless back to health and giving him the happy life and unconditional love that all pets deserve, even if it was short-lived.

    Thanks to ViralNova for sharing this moving rescue story.

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