Watch This Hilarious Clip Of A Dog And Tortoise Playing Football!

  • It’s the FIFA World Cup final tonight and while Germany and Argentina will be fighting it out to be crowned the 2014 champions, this pair of football enthusiasts prefer an impromptu backyard ball kick!

    Or at least the playful pup does. The tortoise doesn’t seem all that happy about its solo training session being interrupted by a furry, four legged companion.

    But no matter how loud the dog barks or how many times it boots the ball to the other side of the pitch (or should we say courtyard), the determined little tortoise just doesn’t want to give up! In fact, the cheeky shell clad reptile looks like it’s been getting its football tips from none other than notorious Uruguayan player, Luis Suarez… Don’t believe us? Check out 1:08 and see for yourself!

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