Animal Stories For Kids

What makes Animal Stories for kids so great is that they teach kids about morality and fair treatment of all living things. In one story, for example, the girl sustained a serious injury after her brother trampled her to death. The boy returned to the scene in an ambulance and was arrested. Did he get off with no punishment? Of course not He went to jail and was put on probation. Animals are the most important characters in these short animal stories for kids. They help us understand ourselves better by showing us what we are made of. By relating the daily problems and grueling experiences of everyday animals, children learn that each one has their own dignity and place in the scheme of things. It's always more satisfying when good deeds are rewarded rather than having to work so hard just to get by. In The Hounds and Other Stories, the hares are hunting for food but soon get separated from their master who has left to look for a red fox. The hares track the fox and bring him to a miserable life of starvation and lack of food. A kind and caring dog rescue the hare and together they continue to look for the master. Eventually they are successful and the hares run off together. The lion is another one of those wonderful animal stories for kids that will remind them of why we have pets. The lion tugs at the tail of the grasshopper, making the grasshopper reel in its very own horn. The lion is tamed by the grasshopper, but the lion soon learns that it is not so easy to be ruled over. The lesson here is that we should always be assertive if we want to be respected by others. Another popular story is The Monkey's Foot. In this story, the four-legged monkey (the monkey) jumps into a hole in the tree in order to reach a fruit which has fallen down. The fruit is poisonous, so the monkey must be careful not to touch it. However, when the branch of a tree falls on top of him, he bites it, making a hole in the bark of the branch. Now the monkey must climb down the branch and get help from a lion. When children get home from school, there are many books that include some of the more interesting animal stories for kids. One of the most famous of these stories is Aesop's fables, where a boy has an encounter with a giant scorpion. The boy runs away, but finds himself chasing the scorpion all around the garden, getting nearer and closer to it as he goes. Eventually the scorpion strikes, impaling the boy on its sting. Two Goats: A story that is often used as a moral reminder comes from the Bible. A man named Moses finds two young boys locked in a cave. He rescues them and brings them home to his foster family. But the two boys misbehave, and one of them runs away from home. Two goats find him and take him to their cave, where they sleep. In closing, perhaps the most popular form of moral instruction is the fable. These are short stories, like a fairy tale, which teach children morals. The most well-known fables include "Goodnight, Moon, Good Luck" by nursery rhymes' Mary Berry, and "The Tortoise and the Hare" by Charles Dickens. A fable is just a story, but it can have many underlying meanings. Many children have their own version of the fable, they keep in a drawer or book for future reference.