Animal Transformation Stories

Animal Transformation Stories is an intriguing sub-genre within spiritual writing. I was drawn to them because of their lucid clarity, and their realistic rendering of a situation that could happen to anyone. A friend recently lost her job, and for several months she couldn't get to sleep. Eventually the depressed lay-off stiffened to an immobile drench in her spiritual groundmass, so rigid that even the thought of trying to get up and move caused discomfort. Suddenly, the job search came to an end, and she found herself staring at an advertising sign that read: "Morph yourself into an animal." Looking at the title, and the pendant dangling from it, she felt a tingle of excitement for what was to come. With these amazing animal transformation stories, she would be transformed from a dreary human being, to an active, living animal. She picked up the phone and dialed the number. When she recognized the voice on the other end, she felt a great sense of peace. As she listened to his words, she became absorbed in the story he was telling. From that moment on, she would be putting down the phone, captivated by the story he was telling. While she would read a few of the Animal Transformation Stories every day, she would always return to that story and listen to how it had impacted her life. She would hear the fear she had disappeared deep inside, replaced by the fire that had ignited. The transformation stories would give her hope, inspiration, and a new lease on life. Every morning she would look at the same spot in the corner of her living room. Sometimes she would put down the phone without even looking at the notice, and would think about how she was going to answer the door... Each time she did, she would see the same face looking back at her. That person would say to her, "Why are you so upset, dear? You've just got to get out of your misery!"But everyday life would be different. For one thing, she would never see her old friend again. He was no longer the same man that she felt attracted to, because he no longer had a place in her life. And he was quite possibly losing interest in her as well. But that didn't mean that she gave up on her dream of having a pet. She just took one step at a time and soon found herself with a new and wonderful dog!This is where the true beauty of these stories shines through. As she related the stories to me, she would cry. But then she would smile and explain how she felt that she was finally happy with the new man that she now chose to share her life with. When we look at animals as people, it's because they have feelings, desires, dreams and desires too! They experience happiness, sadness, fear and pain. We humans can relate to a loss of something or someone that we love very much. We have all experienced loss...whether it's during our childhood, adulthood, during pregnancy or while we're aging. It doesn't make us sad! But it sure makes us miss the person that we thought was "there" for us!When you read these stories, you begin to see why people are so drawn to them. A story about a lost dog is like a tale of a lost love. It shows the depth of a loss that we all can relate to. It shows us how deeply those animals have affected the life of the one that they were with, even if that person was not always there for them. Often we only think about the good that we have experienced, but these stories will show you how important the bad times were to the animal, as well. I love stories about pets, because there are just so many of them. There is the story about a dog that learning how to walk again after it had been blindsided by its owner. Or a cat that finds a new home after it has been abandoned by its previous owner. Or a hamster that finding a new home after being adopted by two brave little rats. There are just so many pet stories out there, and reading about them helps me to remember the special people who bring these wonderful creatures into our lives. Another reason why I love these stories is because they give me a chance to think about my own pet loss experiences. Reading about other people's experiences gives me hope because I know that I can be cured of my own personal loss. If I can find a way to understand what my pet has been through, then maybe I can find a way to make my pet whole again. The more I think about my pet, the more I am convinced that he or she can be saved. It makes me strong to realize that there are things I can do on my own, and with the help of a loving and caring family, I think I can make a difference.