Heroic Animals

When you play the Age of Conan, you are playing one of the most interesting and intriguing classes in the game. When you first meet The Hulk, he is already level 10. In order to get there, he must undergo a grueling training regime with none of his friends or allies around. This makes him a true work of the devil and it pushes him to the extreme of committing unpardonable crimes. After he becomes a level ten Hulk, he gains access to the special Hulkbuster armor. With this armor, he's tougher than ever. Unlike most of the other Heroic Animals, the Hulk has no friends. Instead, all of his relationships are strained at best. This is because he was orphaned as a child and was saved by police dogs. Since then, he has been placed in the care of these brave dogs and they have become his best friends. The reason why The Hulk becomes so close to these brave police dogs is because they are his very own kind of friends. When he was a young boy, The Hulk saved them from a group of muggers. In return, these dogs became his best friends in the future. And although they are now on their own, they still go out of their way to save The Hulk. Most of the time, they are able to stop criminals from getting away and in some cases, they are even capable of stopping attacks from happening. Some of the more heroic animals that can be found in AOC are the police dog, the lion, the tiger, the hyena, and the echidna. The police dog is actually an example of an animal who serves a major function in society; the police are needed by many people and this means that there are times when no one else is around to help. Because of this, the police dogs are allowed to accompany the officers. The lion is another example of one of these life-saving animals who also happen to enjoy a good bit of human company. These dogs will sometimes attack other animals if they feel that their territory is being threatened, which is a lot of what takes place in Africa. Sometimes the lion will even attack boats and other large vehicles that are trying to get into areas where the lions are. The hyena has also saved several people from drowning when trying to get across the ocean by going through the waterways with sharks. This is one of the most famous of the examples of heroic animals. Perhaps one of the most inspiring examples of these animals, who are not only heroes but also have a lot of personality is the bald eagle. These dogs are some of the most courageous animals alive, as they can dive extremely deep into the water for their food. Their wings are also very flexible, allowing them to fly for long distances and stay aloft for days at a time. They can even make long flights over the Arctic, where they can be heard on the radio. Bald eagles are some of the most courageous and amazing heroes of our time. One of my all-time favorite animals is the squirrel. I can remember watching these little things scurrying around the back yard with their friends in the tree branches, and I assumed they were part of a squirrel pack. After doing some research, however, it was discovered that these animals are actually members of an entirely separate species, the Sperm Whale. They have the greatest sense of humor of any animal on the planet, and are excellent companions for children. The Sperm Whale's favorite trick is to hide in a plastic bag and wait for his owner to come home and open it for him. These are just a small sample of some of the amazing animals who have saved human. All of these examples are true heroes, and I hope someday you will be able to save a life by helping an animal in need. If you can imagine it, you can help a pet find a loving home, and by doing so you are truly making an incredible difference in this world.